Nick Kapande of Nick’s Pro Fitness talks about goals

Hi, Welcome back to video clips. My name is Nick Kapande. The title of today is goals. When you have a goal everything in your life changes. It gives you energy. It gets you excited about your opportunity so you set the goal. The number one thing you have to achieve the set goal is that burning desire to want that so bad, it’s not about the what, it’s about the why. How many reasons why do you have? How many reason whys do you have to achieve this goal. And the key with goal setting is sometimes when you hit a goal you have to set another goal. And you always have to restructure your goal or reset a goal or what I call reengineering your life. And sometimes it could be ten years later and you have to reset your goals for your life. So always keep setting goals. Remember number one that burning desire, “How bad do you want this goal?” Go out there and get it!

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